With our solutions, a safe and flexible environment is achieved, and we create a more functional world around us!

Our service include

  • turnkey contracts

  • municipal engineering

  • blasting
  • foundation work for house construction

  • green areas
  • roads and streets
  • electrical and telecommunications cable works

  • sports fields and facilities

  • ports and fairways
  • forest roads and forest improvement work


Modern and versatile machine park for performing various infrastructure construction work.

Excavators of different sizes, 1.5 tons - 32 tons, both on belts and on wheels.

Rock drilling machines, tractor compressors, chain excavators, cable plows, JOKO, cable pulling into pipes, cable blowing technology, asphalt cutter and truck as well as various additional equipment. 


Technical staff: Four civil engineers and one master builder, with long field experience.

Other staff: Drivers with long professional experience of infra machines. Professional fitters for various construction work. Experienced chargers and drillers for blasting work.